Offshore Oil & Gas Maritime Services

Our Maritime Department has actively been involved within the Offshore Construction, Fabrication and Installation Marine Service Industry to the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry for several years at Operational Management level, this has given our brokerage team in Karachi a comprehensive understanding of the demands on the industry regarding vessel requirement by its customers.

The Offshore Oil and Gas Marine Industry involves a large variety of Multi Purpose or Specialist Vessels, our brokerage services lead a full field of various contracting marine operators providing specialist marine support services, Sub sea construction and offshore installation, floating production, fabrication and well services to the global offshore energy sector.

Our vessel providers and their crews have huge experience in operating within the African and Asian territories, making their vessels available on a project contract basis.

Our Brokering Services

Experianced Vessel Owners / Modern Vessels
Offshore Support Vessels (OSV)

We are a leading Ship Broker of high specification, dynamically- positioned (DP) vessels, bespoke topside and subsea equipment, see our vessel type availability, regarding the type of vessels we can provide brokerage in meeting your project chartering requirements

Vessel Type Availability
  • Platform Supply Vessels
  • Specialty Vessels
  • Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels
  • Multipurpose Supply Vessels
  • Construction Support Vessels
  • Geo-technical Vessels
  • Survey Vessels
  • Subsea Vessels
  • FISV Vessels

Africa & Asia Only, we specialize in providing brokerage services to vessel owners operating within certain territories within these regions, the Charterer is both Public and Private entities

Platform Supply Vessels

Our core PSV Brokering is working with vessel owners / operators that have experience regionally in the territories our clients operate, we have pooled together some of the leading PSV operators who have head offices or regional offices close at hand, providing a 7 days per week, 24 hour per day service

PSV Vessels transport fuel, water, drilling fluids, equipment, personnel, and provisions to offshore installations or supporting construction, Subsea or Specialty operations.

Our vessel owners operate modern, well maintained vessels with DP1 & DP2 Dynamic Positioning capabilities and new marine technologies.

For long term Chartering Opportunities, our vessel operators management teams are prepared to visit your offices and conclude your vessel and project requirements.

Fast Intervention Support Vessels (FSIV)

Outstanding performance and versatility is required to service offshore operations and installations, in providing transportation and logistics support for supplies, equipment and personnel, these advanced vessels with the very latest technology and performance answer to customer demands and requirements featuring DP1 & DP2 Ride Control, Cargo options, discuss in confidence your vessel requirements with our brokering team.

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Aquashield Oil & Marine Services Limited

Our West African Partner PSV / FISV vessel owning fleet operator