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We aim to reply all new client enquiries within 48 hours or less, all existing clients please do not submit a new enquiry, please contact our maritime department directly on the numbers and email addresses you already use.

New Client Enquiries Please Read Below First

Crude Oil & Petroleum Tankers
Dry Bulk Carriers
Offshore Oil & Gas Support Vessels

Dear Client, please be advised we only accept genuine enquiries from highly reputable

Public Entities
Private Entities
Experienced Charterers
Reputable Trading Houses
Please be advised we do not accept enquiries from Mandated Brokers or Middlemen

If you are a Maritime Agency, which we can undertake open due diligence upon ( eg Internet presence, external online reports ) and are genuinely making an enquiry about open vessel positions, we are happy to hear from you.

If you are seeking Country Agent Opportunities, please be advised we only operate within the Africa & Asia regions, if you are directly involved in your countries maritime industry either as an individual consultant or a maritime agency, we are very happy to further discussions with you.

ASL Business & Commerce Ltd is a Maritime Ship Brokerage Company, our registered company is in the UK, all our maritime brokerage operations are based in our brokerage department in Karachi, Pakistan.

All clients communicate directly at all times with our Maritime Department Officials.

ASL Business and Commerce Ltd does not solicit any advance fee’s from any party.

ASL Business and Commerce Ltd, receives a genuine Ship Brokerage Fee in accordance to all Maritime Procedures either from the Vessel Owner directly or the Chartering Party

Any Individual or Company claiming to represent ASL Business and Commerce Ltd, to any client, if the client is in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

No ASL Country Agent either Solicits or Demands any Fee’s from any Client Customer, any Client Customer that has been requested differently must immediately contact ASL Head Office.

Thank you for expressing interest in ASL Business and Commerce Ltd