Our Country Agency Program


Our contracted “Local Agents” we value highly, they are our first point of maritime contact locally within a particular market, their contractual obligations range in creating marketing and awareness regarding our vessel brokerage services directly to Public / Private Entities, whilst they do not get involved in any of the vessel discussions or fixing, which is done by our maritime team in Karachi, the local country agents provide enormous leverage locally for our company at “grass root” level.

Any Experienced Maritime Individual or Maritime Agency is most welcome to contact us to discuss local country agency availability within their country.

Who Can Be A Local Country Agent

Either an Individual Maritime Consultant or a Maritime Agency, you must be involved in the Maritime Industry

Africa & Asia Regions Only

ASL Agents must be resident in those countries within Africa or Asia, these are the only current regions we provide our Maritime services to

Country Agency Agreement’s

ASL issues “Taylor Made” Country Agency Agreements, based upon commission success only, our commission rates are rewarding